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What is EHN Online?

EHN Online is the virtual extension of EHN Canada’s network of treatment facilities, offering online counselling for mental health, trauma and addiction. More than just an app, it is a comprehensive, virtual treatment program with proven results.

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​​We understand initial hesitations around receiving treatment online. Will you receive the same quality of care? How can we track and maintain progress? How can you get counselling online?

With EHN Online, you will receive the same evidence-based care used across EHN Canada’s facilities—from a team of healthcare professionals specially trained in delivering effective virtual treatment. No more texting and pushing through homework sessions on your own, our clinicians are with you every step of the way.

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Who is EHN Online Right For?

EHN Online’s recovery programs are suitable for those experiencing symptoms of addiction or mental health disorders, but are still able to function in their daily lives (even if it’s hard!). Our programs are great for those who are also:

  • Busy parents or professionals who can’t leave their homes or careers
  • In need of more structure than an app or conventional therapy offers
  • Tired of re-explaining their situation to numerous professionals
  • In recovery and looking for a refresher course
  • Not ready for an inpatient program but want to begin or continue the recovery process
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Recover On Your terms With Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs (or IOPs) are for those who need more intensive treatment and structure than individual or group therapy alone. IOPs are virtual mental health and addiction treatment programs that can help you get back to family, work and life faster.

You will develop and practice important skills for recovery in real-time, and track progress on our Wagon app. This flexible program lets you achieve recovery on your own terms, with our team of trained clinicians supporting you every step of the way. And no referral is needed!


What Do Our Intensive Outpatient Programs Include?

  • Evidence-based therapy for long-lasting results
  • Immediate support with rolling intake and SOS features
  • Weekly individual counselling sessions
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Structured Aftercare program
  • Optional family program for added support
  • Free use of the Wagon app to track progress
  • Personalised recovery plan for during and after treatment
  • Medical assistance where applicable
  • Access to optional alcohol and drug monitoring


EHN Online

At EHN Online, we offer treatments for a variety of disorders and needs. Heal from home with a virtual intensive outpatient program that is designed for long-term recovery.

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What Alumni Are Saying About EHN Online

[My experience was] very pleasant and was a good way to apply the strategies and learnings as I lived my life during the program, group leaders were knowledgeable and professional.

Anonymous, Canada

My introduction and subsequent use of EHN Online was exactly what I needed in early recovery. From the daily sobriety counter to the daily, weekly, and monthly task checklists. The accountability was a welcome addition in my life.

Chris F, Alberta

EHN Online is improving the quality of life of my clients. It’s an excellent tool to build accountability, awareness, and overall personal balance. EHN Online allows clients to work closely with a counsellor, and piece together for themselves the holistic aspects of recovery while they discover triggers, and practice appropriate coping mechanisms. I’ve personally experienced the fluid therapeutic relationship EHN Online promotes, and have seen this translate into deeper levels of vulnerability in group sessions with peers.

Shelbi Snodgrass, B.A. Psychology, Alberta

EHN Online provides me with a daily recap of my recovery efforts. Especially useful during hectic periods, it requires a daily inventory of not only my material efforts, but also my spiritual and emotional accounting. EHN Online’s best feature might be the ability to allow my counsellor access to my efforts, spotting trends that I might not have noticed and offering guidance as needed. It takes a village…

Tim C, Ontario

EHN Online gives me the ability to track and monitor the most important elements of my recovery. Although I have several years of sobriety, I have never had the ability to see what parts of my program are being neglected the way I do with EHN Online. In an instant, I can assess where I have been slipping over the previous week and get back on track. If I have been having a bad day or two the answer is usually waiting for me when I get back ‘on the Wagon’.

Michael P, Alberta

Worried About Paying For Treatment?

We know not everyone has the same financial situation. There are options when it comes to covering the cost of treatment, give us a call to discuss the possibilities.