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Online Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health

EHN Online is the virtual extension of EHN Canada, our network of inpatient facilities across the country. Through EHN Online, we offer the same compassionate, quality care for addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma, as well as for families of those in treatment – all from the comfort and convenience of home.

What can we treat?

  • Addiction
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

What virtual treatment programs does EHN Online offer?

Find out more about our evidence-based treatment programs for depression, anxiety, trauma, or addiction.

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs
Online treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

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Hybrid Addiction Program
Two weeks of stabilizing inpatient treatment for addiction followed by eight weeks of virtual therapy.

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Healthy Minds Teen Mental Health Program
For young people, ages 14 to 17, in need of treatment for anxiety and depression while maintaining their school commitments.

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Family Programs
Online support program for families of people suffering from addiction, trauma, depression or anxiety.

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EHN Online Reviews

Audrey HollidayAudrey Holliday ★★★★★ I had a wonderful experience in Intensive Outpatient Program. Our facilitators (Princy, Peter and Lindsay) were very good, and Princy was an excellent individual counsellor. Our group (although it changed with time) developed close supportive bonds, and the sharing was extremely helpful to me. I probably benefitted as much from the group interactions as I did from the materials and education. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling and needs tools, structure and support in their recovery journey.Bhu GulatiBhu Gulati ★★★★★ I found the program very useful. Having it at a consistent time in day allowed me to use it to help add some structure back to my days and then the program itself with my group anyway there were alot of great discussions. Not all the tools were relevant to me but was good to be able to see things i was already doing from a practical standpoint reflected some of the tools they provided with the names they provided. helped show that your on the right track.Ric PearceRic Pearce ★★★★★ EHN has changed my life and their ongoing support is incredible!Shantel SmearsShantel Smears ★★★★★ Robyn HicksRobyn Hicks ★★★★★ What a fantastic program. I'm so thankful to have been referred to the IOP. Super organized in every way. The intake process was really quick. Throughout the entire program, the staff were very responsive when you had questions. All involved were genuinely helpful and caring. Every session I learned something new about myself. I would absolutely recommend this program.Nicole WohlgemuthNicole Wohlgemuth ★★★★★ Jaclyn BakerJaclyn Baker ★★★★★ I participated in EHN’s 8 week IOP for substance abuse. Such knowledgeable and caring facilitators (I had Gordon, Anni and Leah). Lots of content covered over the 8 weeks (education on addiction /relapse prevention, skills for managing strong emotions, interpersonal skills, and acceptance / commitment to new lifestyle changes to name only a few). You walk away with not only those new skills but the program also gives space to discuss how to apply the content to your own life moving forward. Outpatient makes it so easy to attend while still maintaining some normalcy in life - going to inpatient treatment wasn’t possible for me. Rolling intake made it easy to start the program quite rapidly. I learned from such amazing people during my IOP and still maintain contact with many of them today as a new external support system. 10 month of aftercare is incredibly helpful to continue accountability.Sherry HeyderSherry Heyder ★★★★★ EHN was a game changer for my PTSD. I was struggling and not making any headway on my own. The person I am today vs the person i was per-EHN are so different it is almost incomprehensible. I will forever be grateful for the staff and the programming that helped me get my life back. The staff would always refuse the compliment and thanks when i gave it and they would say that I did all the hard work but without their compassion, understanding, skills, and knowledge I would still be an emotional and physical wreck.From the bottom of my mending heart, Thank you!Justin HeislerJustin Heisler ★★★★★ Great placeGabrielle MaillouxGabrielle Mailloux ★★★★★ So happy to have gone through this program. It’s helped me out a ton with my sobriety and it does continue to be a struggle everyday but it’s one day at a time. Thanks EHN for everything you’ve done to help me.Graham GaineGraham Gaine ★★★★★ Dora DobosDora Dobos ★★★★★ I can only say good things about my experience with EHN. I can recommend to anyone who is struggling with addiction or mental health problems. The 8 week intensive group program I participated in was excellent.Matthew RapoportMatthew Rapoport ★★★★★ I have struggled with anxiety and depression for 30 years. In the past I have had to live in a mental institution for months. During my recent 10 month bout of depression I found EHN online. It’s not nearly as intrusive to your life nor as expensive as an in-patient program but it still teaches the fundamentals (ACT, BAG, CBT, DBT) and the instructors are phenomenal. It helped me. It might help you.Sarah HlywkaSarah Hlywka ★★★★★ These sessions were extremely helpful for me. I had been looking for counseling just to help navigate regular experiences, but after experiencing a traumatic event, I had found EHN and they were a great fit. They make an effort to pair you with a counselor who can relate and empathize with your specific needs, which I think eally made a difference in my experience.Jonathan PooleJonathan Poole ★★★★★ This is a great starting point in the long road to recovery. For anyone struggling with addictions I highly suggest reaching out to start a cleaner healthier life.Gregory OlsonGregory Olson ★★★★★ I certainly enjoyed my time in this program. I have met many great people who were in the same boat as I was and there wasn't a session where I didn't learn something from my group. I am also so impressed with my counsellors, some new and some with more experience but all were fantastic.Nathan PearceNathan Pearce ★★★★★ Lesley PaulsLesley Pauls ★★★★☆ I was disappointed that I was not able to participate in a daily outpatient program. However, I was given a limited amount of sessions(10)with my counsellor Erin. Erin was incredibly kind and patient with me as I worked out my anger at not being able to find more intensive treatment. I know she consulted with her supervisor several times about my situation and they were able to get me into an online program with Trafalgar. It was an intense daily four week program with great follow up ongoing support and it has been very helpful. I will always be grateful to Erin for fighting to get me the help I needed.Craig MackayCraig Mackay ★★★★☆ I enjoyed my 8 weeks in this program I had Gordon as my 1 on 1 then had Anni, Nicole, Ava, and Melissa they were great teaching me new skills on my path to recovery. The group sessions were great met a lot of people around Canada and I blessed to have them in my life now. Very easy to get along with absolutely great material I got exactly what I was looking for in this program. Now 48 weeks of aftercare 1once a weekMichael MMichael M ★★★★☆ I wish I would have been able to start the program sooner, but I wasn’t ready. You will learn a low about how your mind has changed and there’s tons of material. Being in a group was very helpful and it helped normalize how life is now. The more you engage and be open, the more you will learn about yourself and how to heal to some extent. Make yourself vulnerable and go the the sore spots and observe your emotions and physical reactions so you can process the trauma. It’s time to move forward in life with new insight. Cheersjs_loader

Why choose treatment from EHN Online?

Group and Individual Therapy
with Masters-level clinicians

for lasting recovery

Convenient Treatment
from the comfort of home

Support Network
with your fellow alumni

Is Virtual Treatment Effective?

We understand there may be some hesitation around virtual treatment. Many patients prefer talking in person, while others need to the 24/7 of inpatient treatment.

However, a study from McMaster University found that for some patients virtual treatment may be even more effective than in person treatment. Virtual treatment can be the right option for many people, particularly those who:

  • cannot take time away from work, school, or family obligations
  • do not have symptoms that are severe enough to require 24/7 inpatient care
  • live far from a treatment facility and would prefer to stay closer to home

Meet the Team

EHN Online is supported by the same compassionate, professional staff who treatment our inpatient clients. They are specially trained to offer virtual treatment, ensuring it is an effective solution for those in need of care for addiction or a mental health disorder.

Crystal Bell
Outpatient Clinical Director

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Rochelle Hildebrand
Executive Director, MA

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Kristina Trandovski
Program Manager,
Registered Psychotherapist

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Meet the Whole Team

Worried about paying for treatment?

We know not everyone has the same financial situation. There are options when it comes to covering the cost of treatment, give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

We are proud to have partnered with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to provide funded treatment for our online addiction program to residents of Saskatchewan.

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Talk to us about virtual treatment and if it’s the right option for you.