Codependency Recovery Services

When you love someone with an addiction, you develop your own ways to cope with the pain. Often, your life begins to revolve around helping them. While treatment might seem to be the solution, pain, anger and resentment often lingers in partners and family members. We understand that dealing with addiction means recognizing everyone it affects, which is why part of our mission is to create healthy communities, and help everyone touched by addiction.

This is why we offer programs for those suffering from codependency, or who have a loved one with an addiction. From our five day program, to family weekends and intensive outpatient programs, we are here for patients and their families.

I learned the difference between care giving and care taking and how destructive the latter is. I learned this in a very supportive environment led by very skilled counsellors and through watching my fellow Insite participants share their journey so freely within the group.

– Family member