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Light house by the sea near Ledgehill treatment centre in Nova Scotia

Recovery in Nova Scotia

EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia, formerly Ledgehill, is located in picturesque Lawrencetown, in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Our comfortable facility offers EHN Canada’s world-class, evidence-based treatment methods for mental health disorders, addiction and concurrent challenges. And our multidisciplinary team of professionals take a holistic approach to your recovery while ensuring that you are able to heal in a safe and welcoming space.

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Our Space

Focusing on your recovery from addiction or a mental health disorder means being free from other distractions and finding space with comfort and peace. Sometimes people look for treatment close to home while others seek treatment centres further away.

EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia is surrounded by lush green spaces in its rural Nova Scotia setting. With a focus on wellness, we encourage patients to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings to enjoy the fresh air and tranquility and get outdoor exercise in support of their recovery.

Morning view from Ledghill Treament Centre of sun rising on the field

Our Story

When we noticed Nova Scotia’s lack of both evidence-based care and facilities with 24/7 access to medical professionals, we worked hard and fast to bring both to the Maritimes.

EHN Canada’s team of addiction and mental health experts are proud to offer our evidence-based, comprehensive care to Atlantic Canada since opening this facility in 2021. Here, we can help more Canadians receive world-class treatment – with access to on-site medical professionals at any time.

EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia Reviews

Jason WinsorJason Winsor ★★★★★ Connor JamiesonConnor Jamieson ★★★★★ Matthew KyteMatthew Kyte ★★★★★ Great spot, great staff and great food.Steven FordSteven Ford ★★★★★ Having spent 7 weeks here, I can say that the education I have learned here has set me up for sobriety for a lifetime. I came here an addict and I leave here an addict, however, the confidence I have gained to remain sober has increased tenfold. You can't beat addiction alone, you need help. This place is the perfect help to beat any type of addiction.Cole KeatingCole Keating ★★★★★ My experience has been a pleasurable one, the in house classes and meetings are the core reason I'm going to be successful they taught me so much about who I was as an addict. The foods good and the weekend activity's are fun. They offer NA AA SMART recovery meetings and i was open and shared throughout my journey here.Anony-mouseAnony-mouse ★★★★★ jay derstenfeldjay derstenfeld ★★★★★ Treatment as promised. Caring and competent staff, doctors and therapists were willing to work with my existing therapists and doctors to arrive at the best treatment possible. I highly recommend it.Adam LewisAdam Lewis ★★★★★ Sameena KhanSameena Khan ★★★★☆ My expérience here was an eye opener, To learn skills that help me with coping and living with PTSD. Staff were very friendly and experienced in their fields. Would recommend this facility for anyone.steve darlingsteve darling ★★★★☆ js_loader

Treatment Options in Nova Scotia

When considering addiction treatment, individuals often grapple with the decision of whether to seek help close to home or venture farther away. Each option has its merits and drawbacks, and the choice ultimately hinges on individual circumstances. For some, proximity to familiar places and people can provide crucial emotional support during the recovery journey. Being near loved ones and familiar surroundings can foster a sense of comfort and stability, which is essential for healing.

However, staying close to home may also expose individuals to triggers—people, places, or things—that evoke memories of alcohol or drug use. These reminders can hinder progress and make the recovery process more challenging.

EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia caters to both Atlantic Canada residents and those from various other parts of the country. Nestled in the serene rural environment of Nova Scotia, we offer a tranquil space conducive to healing. The calming surroundings allow individuals to focus on their recovery.

Amenities Offered with Our Inpatient Programs

Finding and accessing evidence-based treatment in Atlantic Canada isn’t always easy. EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia’s multidisciplinary team – including doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists, counsellors, and coaches – are dedicated to providing the best care possible. Together, they will help you learn and implement skills to overcome addiction and mental health struggles.

Our private inpatient programs include:

  • On-site medical professionals, with 24/7 access to nurses for withdrawal management and general medical support
  • Science-backed therapies such as Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
  • Holistic care that includes mindfulness and fitness
  • Access to peer support groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery, during and after treatment
  • Access to EHN Canada’s family programs that help support loved ones in your recovery and their healing
  • Therapeutic art and music as well as yoga, fitness, meditation
  • One year of aftercare and lifelong access to EHN’s Thrive alumni network

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Meet with our addiction recovery team to build your treatment plan.


If struggling with substance use, you’ll prepare for rehab with 24/7 nursing support and supervision.


Spend seven weeks healing using EHN Canada's tried and tested therapy-intensive programs.

Family Participation

We invite your family to learn how to support you in your recovery.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Work with our therapists to develop a plan that will work for you.


Leave EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia with a schedule of maintenance sessions and access to alumni support.

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Stories from EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia

You have to go into recovery for you. It sounds bad, but it’s not: recovery is a selfish process.

Stephen S.

This was the first treatment centre I went to for help, breaking a 15 year cycle of addiction with alcohol, drugs, and gaming. Today my life in recovery is unrecognizable from my ‘life’ in active addiction.