Client Relations

Edgewood Health Network is committed to receiving and responding to feedback about the client/family member experience and all matters pertaining to the operation of the organization, including safety incidents. 

Before contacting Client Relations, please speak to your health care team. Your health care team may be able to act on your concerns and answer any health care related questions right away. If speaking with your team does not resolve an issue, please be encouraged to contact us.

Our Client Relations Officer is committed to responding to feedback received from clients and their family members in a thorough, compassionate and timely manner. Feedback may be conveyed to the Client Relations Office by email. 

Click here to fill out a form and contact our Client Relations Office if you:

  • have a concern or complaint about any aspect of your experience at our organization
  • have a suggestion regarding how we may improve upon the services provided at our organization 
  • wish to express thanks or gratitude toward a staff member

Please contact us at [email protected] if you:

  • wish to report a circumstance or situation that has potential for harm and does not/did not involve an individual
  • experienced a safety incident at our organization at one of our facilities
  • wish to report a safety incident that involved a current or former client