Who is in need of treatment?

Whether it’s inpatient, outpatient, or online, we’ve made it easy for you to help arrange for the treatment you, a loved one, your patient, or your employee deserves. If you have questions for our admissions team, please contact us at 1-866-963-6343

Choose from the options below and you can begin the admission or referral process:

A step-by-step guide to the treatment process

At EHN Canada, we have made it easy to find out more about seeking treatment online or at one of our facilities across Canada – confidentially and with no obligation. Here’s what the process will look like:


Fill out an admissions or referral form for yourself, a loved one, a patient, or an employee.


We will schedule a confidential, no-obligation conversation between you (whether you’re the potential client or the referent) and an admissions coordinator.


Our admissions coordinator will review our programs and schedule an assessment to find the best treatment option for the person in need of treatment.

If you need assistance filling out the form or have more questions, we can help.

Looking for virtual treatment? Our Intensive Outpatient Programs might be the answer.