Tony Lehal

Admissions Coordinator

Tony Lehal Medical Professional Whiterock Admissions Coordinator

Tony was born in Bedford England but has lived most of his life in the lower mainland. He has worked in the wedding industry for the last 25 years as a videographer & photographer but struggled with his own addiction. Finally in May 2013 he checked himself into Edgewood Treatment Centre in Nanaimo and completed 15 weeks of residential treatment. After being in Recovery for 1.5 years, he knew he wanted to give back and help others struggling with addiction. He decided to go back to school after 16 years and graduated with honours and was the valedictorian for his class of 2015. He received his diploma in Social Services as a Recovery Specialist. He ended up moving to Toronto where he worked for Bellwood Health Services as a Support Counsellor, Admissions Counsellor, and started up their Extended Care program. In 2018 he transferred back to the lower mainland to help open up Whiterock EHN Canada and took on the Admissions Coordinator role. He understands the courage it takes to make the call to finally get help. His passion for giving back and his genuine love of life makes him a valuable asset to EHN Canada.