Wagon Online Outpatient Clinic

Wagon is the outpatient clinic that’s always with you wherever you go. It was designed to serve people suffering from addiction and substance use disorders who may not have local access to outpatient services. Wagon is an online outpatient clinic and interactive recovery plan that you can access anywhere, anytime. You’ll spend a few minutes each day logging your goal completions, emotions, triggers, and more. Wagon will remind you exactly what you need to do each day to achieve your recovery goals. And, with Wagon, you won’t be doing it alone! Wagon offers a variety of support services through secure video-conferencing technology: these include individual counselling, recovery coaching, and group therapy meetings. Your counsellor will follow your progress in the app, and will provide you feedback during your sessions, together with best-practice treatment methods.

Wagon helps you create a balanced lifestyle that promotes health, happiness, and satisfying relationships. Whether you’re exploring your relationship with alcohol, drugs, or gambling for the first time or you’re already working on your recovery, Wagon allows you to create a plan and provides daily reminders to keep you on track.

Wagon uses secure video-conferencing technology to provide a variety of online programs that are conveniently accessible for people who don’t have local access to an outpatient clinic. At Wagon, we follow best practices for counselling. You’ll develop a relationship with one Wagon Counsellor, but the entire Wagon team will be available to support you with a variety of programs. Every program includes a personalized recovery plan and your progress is monitored by your counsellor.

Wagon Programs

Wagon Recovery Tool
Wagon Recovery Tool
Wagon Recovery Tool

Wagon Counselling

Whether you’re exploring your relationship with drugs and alcohol for the first time or you want to stay on track after treatment, our experienced counsellors can provide you with weekly or one-time individual counselling sessions.

Wagon Aftercare

Individuals who participate in aftercare programs after completing residential treatment are much more likely to stay in recovery. Wagon is perfect for EHN Canada patients who are returning home and live somewhere without local access to EHN Canada outpatient clinics. For one year after treatment, together with other EHN Canada patients, you’ll attend a weekly group therapy session that focuses on processing emotions and preventing relapse.

Wagon Coaching

The Wagon coaching program is designed to support patients as they learn to put their recovery plans into practice. Each week, the patient will connect with their counsellor for a 15-minute video coaching session where they’ll work on strategies to achieve their plans and create balance in their lives.

More Information

For more information, please visit our website at onthewagon.ca or call us at 1-888-767-3711.