rTMS and Ketamine: Treatment Resistant Depression

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The difference between a person suffering with mental health and without. Vector

With Dr. Ahmed Saleh, MD, FRCPC

Co-founder and Medical Director, ANSR Clinic

Treatment resistant depression continues to challenge mental health care providers, and further relevant research involving newer drugs is warranted to improve the quality of life of patients with the disorder. Ketamine and rTMS have been identified as treatment options for treatment resistant depression and there is research taking place on an ongoing basis to establish the benefits for both. Ketamine is a promising treatment for some people with treatment resistant depression. Bipolar depression, PTSD, and OCD could potentially benefit from ketamine treatment as well. Join Dr. Ahmed Saleh, Co-founder and Medical Director at ANSR Clinic, on Thursday, November 17 between 12-1pm EST as he further explains treatment resistant depression and the possible options for programming.


  • Define and understand treatment resistant depression
  • Review of rTMS in the treatment of depression
  • Review of ketamine in the treatment of depression
  • Other off label use of rTMS and ketamine

Date: November 17, 2022 – 12pm ET, 9am PT

Duration: 1-hour (45-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A)


The content presented in this webinar was accurate at time of broadcast.