Ongoing success takes continued support

Getting the treatment you need to recover from substance abuse or mental health disorders is only the beginning. Successful treatment means continuing your healing and recovery even after you leave an EHN Canada facility.

Our Aftercare Program was created to keep people connected in early recovery, reducing the chances of relapse and helping them reintegrate back into their lives more seamlessly.

  • Without Aftercare, it’s easy to fall back into old behaviours
  • Learn from other people’s real-life experiences
  • Aftercare provides community, support, and accountability
  • Aftercare’s effectiveness is demonstrated by research
  • Different types of aftercare are available, including self-help groups, individual counselling, and outpatient programming

Driven by outcomes

83% individuals in two or more aftercare groups continue to be abstinent 6 months after completing residential treatment

80% completion rate in our aftercare maintenance program

Here’s how it works:

  • Weekly group therapy to build on the skills developed during inpatient treatment 
  • Connection with local resources and support groups, including AA, NA, and SMART Recovery 
  • Ongoing family support and education 
  • Compliance monitoring services (where available in-person)
  • Participate in-person at a clinic location across Canada, or virtually through EHN Online
  • Access to our Wagon app for setting goals, tracking progress, and monitoring triggers

One year of aftercare is included for all eligible patients who complete residential treatment. Our Aftercare Program is also available separately to those who have participated in inpatient treatment outside the EHN Canada network.

Aftercare is the key to long-term recovery.