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Individuals & Families

RCMP Members

Customized Programs Exclusively for the RCMP EHN Guardians’ RCMP Navigation Plan can help you find your way to recovery. Every day, when RCMP members go to work, they face difficult decisions and dangerous situations. As a result, they experience addiction and mental health disorders in disproportionate numbers. But treatment from EHN Guardians is customized for […]

First Responders

Being the first on the scene can impact your wellbeing. We offer treatment programs tailored to the distinct needs of first responders.

Military & Veterans

If serving your country has taken a toll on your mental health, we offer several programs nationwide specifically for active service members and veterans.


We help family members of people struggling with addiction and mental health concerns learn how to support their loved one while taking care of themselves.


If addiction or a mental health problem has taken over your life, you can turn to EHN Canada for lasting recovery.

Professional Referrals

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Corporate Partners

If your employees’ struggles with addiction or mental health challenges are impacting their work, we can help guide them towards recovery.

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Healthcare Providers

We offer support and resources to healthcare professionals whose patients struggle with their mental health, trauma, or addiction, and need more intensive inpatient or outpatient treatments.

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