How the Network Works

When it comes to treating addiction and mental health, more is more. Our expansive network allows us to treat a wide array of disorders, across the entire country. We believe that the best outcome is achieved when our treatment approach is thoughtfully chosen to meet individual needs, and our extensive range of services and locations allow us to do just that.

When you enter EHN, we will assess you, determine the correct treatment placement, and then expand into further programs once you’re ready. This becomes your personalized treatment plan, unique to you. No two journeys to recovery are ever identical, and whatever your needs, we will meet them.

As a network, we are comprised of many different centres. While none are identical, the common denominator lies in establishing therapeutic community, providing a mix of time in individual therapy, and within the community of others. As we are fond of saying, the whole is greater than the sum.

Edgewood, Bellwood, Clinique Nouveau Départ, and our outpatient clinics each bring different areas of expertise in treating addiction and mental health, strengthening our ability to respond to any scenario.