Spirituality – What’s the Big Deal?

The destructive nature of addiction By Lee Hausmann, MA, ICCAC Originally published in the Summer 2015 issue of Moods Magazine,  http://www.moodsmag.com/moods/index.php  As an addiction therapist and a person who has been directly impacted by addiction, I have been involved in the treatment of people struggling from this mental health disorder for over 20 years. Addiction comes in many forms: … Read more

Registration is Open for 2015 Healing and Treating Trauma and Addictions Conference

Registration is now open for our 2015 fall conference! Historically, the Edgewood Foundation has partnered with Jack Hirose to put on a conference about healing and treating trauma, addictions and concurrent disorders. With amazing speakers like Don Meichenbaum, Stephen Grinstead and Margaret Wehrenberg, the conference has been an informative and expanding experience for over 2500 clinicians. This year, the … Read more

The First Issue of Phoenix has Landed



We are so excited to share the first issue of the Edgewood Health Network’s new national magazine with you! We are passionate about addiction treatment and recovery and we want to share our knowledge with our community.

With Phoenix, it is our aim to bring you a publication that delves into all aspects of addiction and recovery. The magazine will feature regular contributions from leading clinicians, physicians, researchers and people in recovery. Our goal with this magazine is to provide the Canadian recovery community with a rich source of addiction news and recovery tools. As a digital magazine, our articles will feature a variety of multi-media content that supplements our written articles. You will be able to view and share content in a flip-page format on any device. Phoenix is available to anyone interested in addiction and treatment, and anyone can subscribe at: http://www.edgewood.ca/phoenix-magazine

We’ll be publishing new issues quarterly, so check back in here regularly to get the latest issue.

This issue includes features on detox, gaming addiction, yoga for recovery, and a special section on our new EHN assessment tool – EASI. We also have profiles of retired NFL-er and recovery counsellor Moe Elewonibi and long-time Bellwood employee, Penny Lawson.

Phoenix will bring you the science, the stories, and the people behind addiction treatment, mental health, and life in recovery. We truly hope you enjoy our inaugural issue.

Seeking Treatment for PTSD: The Recovery Process

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is by definition a set of symptoms resulting from a traumatic experience of “death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury or actual or threatened sexual violence. “ More broadly, PTSD can also be defined as having experienced an overwhelming situation where your normal coping strategies are not adequate. Symptoms of … Read more