Is virtual treatment right for you?

Not all people struggling with substance use or mental health concerns require inpatient treatment. And for some, work and family obligations may even make it impossible.  

Take our 6-minute Virtual Treatment Assessment to find out if EHN Online’s Virtual Treatment for addiction or a mental health disorder might be right for you. 

How can you enrol in a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program?

In three simple steps, you can have a better idea of the best path forward.

1. Do the Virtual Treatment Screener

This can help us determine if virtual treatment would be the right option for your recovery.

2. Get our recommendation

We will recommend a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program based on your responses.

3. Enrol immediately or talk to us

If you think that a virtual program is the right option, you can enrol right away. If you still have questions, we can reach out for a more in-depth discussion of your treatment options.

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What does a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program from EHN Online include?

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs from EHN Online offer you the chance to begin recovery with convenient online therapy. You will have the opportunity to uncover the origins of your mental health disorder or addiction, build a community of support, and learn life-changing skills for lasting recovery.

EHN Online currently offers programs to treat:

  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Our virtual treatment programs include:

  • 8 weeks of virtual treatment from the comfort of home
  • 9 hours per week of group and individual therapy with Masters-level clinicians
  • 10 months of Aftercare for ongoing support
  • Access to our Wagon app to track your progress

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What virtual treatment program is right for you?
    Not every instance of substance use or mental health concern requires the same type of treatment. By completing our quick screener, we can help determine what treatment option is right for you. This assessment will help you determine whether you are a good fit for our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs.
  • What do you do next?
    After completing the screener, and anxiety screener, you will be directed towards the program that best suits your needs. If you decide you would like to enrol in one of our virtual treatment programs, you can complete intake forms and payment arrangements. Soon afterwards, we will reach out with additional details and arrange a date to begin your treatment program.

    If at any time you would like assistance in the enrollment process or have further questions about our program offerings before enrolling, you can always give our admissions coordinators a call at 1-866-963-1483.

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