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Trauma and Spirituality

Eligible CEU Credits
CACCF: 1.0 credits
MDPAC: 1.0 credits
CCPA: 1.0 credits
CVRP: 1.0 credits
HRPA: 0 credits
CPHR BC & Yukon: 0 credits
CPHR Alberta: 0 credits
CPHR Manitoba: 0 credits
CPHR Nova Scotia: 0 credits
Website Graphic - Trauma and Spirituality

With Debra Kine, MA, MAMS, DSD, RCC, CCTP

Director of Trauma and Spirituality, Edgewood Treatment Centre

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, spirituality might be defined as “an inner belief system providing an individual with meaning and purpose in life, a sense of the sacredness of life, and a vision for the betterment of the world.” Other definitions may emphasize the connection to God, a higher power, energy, or nature. Many people find strength in their own spirituality and this often plays such a significant and central role in the lives of many people, it is likely to be affected by trauma, and in turn to affect the survivor’s reaction to the trauma. Join Debra Kine, Director of Trauma and Spirituality at Edgewood Treatment Centre, as she provides an in-depth discussion about the link between spirituality and trauma. Gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between spirituality and its impact on mental health, and explore current programming that amplifies a patient’s experience in treatment. 


  • Brief exploration of topics surrounding trauma, its causes and consequences
  • Summarize how spirituality can help cope with trauma moving forward 
  • Understanding that spirituality is one of many ways to manage trauma  
  • The importance of seeking treatment that best suits the individual patient