Family Treatment Support

Families of military members, veterans, and first responders may also experience some of the trauma that comes with having loved ones in these high-risk careers. Especially so if a loved one is also struggling with addiction. Our Family Treatment Support provides families with the tools and skills they need to recover together.  

Program Info

Our family support, offered through EHN Bellwood Toronto, is available to loved ones (not just kin) of anyone enrolled at Gateway.

  • Location: Nationwide
  • Category: Online

  • Length: Varies

Our Family Treatment Support

Whether a family is impacted by addiction, trauma, and/or mental illness, all members deserve support. For this reason, we offer a workshop for families that offer tools for their own journey of healing. Provided by our colleagues at EHN Bellwood Toronto, family members can improve the chances of loved ones staying in healthy recovery by acquiring the knowledge and skills to best support them, as well as themselves.

Clinicians will not be discussing specific and individual items that pertain to loved ones in treatment during this forum. However, there will be a time provided for questions at the end of each session.

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