Family Treatment Programs

Whether a family is impacted by addiction, trauma, mental or physical illness, or maladaptive habits, all members deserve support. At Edgewood we believe in treating the entire family system and involving loved ones in the treatment process through family conferences, regular communication, and educational programs.

Most of these programs are currently offered online, to maximize accessibility and convenience.

Family Education Workshop

The goal of the Family Education Workshop is to educate family members on mental health and substance use disorders, their impact on the family system and the elements of recovery. The Family Education Workshop is facilitated through webinar format. The webinar is offered every six weeks.

Families Connect

We understand that healing and recovery happen through connection. Families Connect is facilitated virtually each week. It provides individuals the opportunity to gain knowledge, support and connection with others who share similar experiences. The workshop and Families Connect are included in the cost of treatment and are available for an unlimited number of family members to attend. 


INSITE is a facilitated group experience offering individuals an opportunity to learn how addiction and mental health impact the entire family system. The goal of INSITE is to help participants gain awareness around how they have been impacted, as well to explore the patterns of behaviour that can develop as a result. Individuals will also acquire a variety of tools to help facilitate/support their own recovery journey.

The program is designed to help participants restore a relationship with themselves and to achieve the life of wholeness and authenticity they seek. Participants will address a variety of topics through presentations, group therapy and small group activities.

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For further questions, more information, or to register for the Family Education Workshop, please contact Merlene Sibley or Debbie Broessler at [email protected].

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