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Gabapentin- Its Uses, Abuses and Addiction
Gabapentin: Its Uses, Abuses, and Addiction

What Is Gabapentin? Understanding Its Use Gabapentin is an analog of the…

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cocaine addiction man sad
Understanding Cocaine Addiction: Signs, Side Effects & Treatment

Although the use of cocaine in Canada is low among adults –…

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What is Meth Mouth
Meth Mouth: Methamphetamine Signs & Symptoms of Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that leads to severe health issues…

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Why Inclusive Language is Essential to Our Mental Health

Language is a powerful instrument with the ability to bring us together…

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Helping Resistant Teens Into Treatment

EHN Online’s Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen IOP Program is an effective treatment…

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A Guide to Mental Health Resources in Canada

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Hope For Family, 3 Hands Shaking For Comfort
How To Get Someone Into Rehab – Help A Loved One

It can be one of the most painful times in your life,…

The Journey from Addiction to Recovery
Alcohol Addiction: A Treatment Program Is The Best Way To Beat Alcoholism

Can alcohol use disorder treatment really cure an alcohol addiction? Do alcohol…

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Man Confident After Quitting Drinking
14 Ways to Quit Drinking and Live a Healthier Life

Understanding how to quit drinking alcohol is the first step on your…

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The Effects of Alcohol Addiction and How to Get Help

Exploring the negative effects of alcohol addiction and the rehab treatments available…

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Woman working at home while child is there
Women and Burnout in the Workplace

Today, women make up over 50% of Canada’s workforce.2 Though we have…

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Stay-at-Work vs Return-to-Work?

When it comes to their careers and seeking treatment for mental health…

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