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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Notes on a noteworthy year from Joe Manget, Chief Executive Officer, EHN Canada

Unprecedented. Challenges. Two words we’ve all certainly heard enough of over the past two years.

2021 marked another year of COVID surges, job insecurity, revolving lockdowns, and anxiety and stress for Canadians. However, we would be remiss not to also acknowledge the successes we had last year.

2021 gave us a vaccine program that was embraced by Canadians. It gave us the chance to finally meet our littlest new family members born during the pandemic, to warmly hug parents we hadn’t seen in months, to once again gather together with friends over dinner, and even some much-needed opportunities to travel outside the country.

And, here at EHN Canada, we are particularly proud of the hard work and determination of our staff to safely and effectively provide care at one of history’s most uncertain times.

Our mantra, We take care of you, has never felt truer, as we provided treatment to thousands of patients across our six inpatient facilities and through our virtual Intensive Outpatient programs.

It’s also due in no small part to the efforts and expertise of our staff that we were able to open two new facilities last year: Gateway, in Ontario, which specializes in treatment for our military, veterans, and first responders; and Ledgehill which offers unique gender-based treatment in picturesque Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia. And we continue to innovate with our new Eating Disorders Program, our Healthy Minds Comprehensive Teen Program, and a partnership with Kids & Company to provide childcare for those seeking inpatient treatment.

We have also seen increased conversation around mental health, trauma, and addiction, which in turn means more and more people ready and willing to seek the help they need—without fear of stigma.

Now, here we are, only days into 2022, and we have already seen some setbacks. The Omicron variant and a new wave of lockdowns may make it feel like we’re back to ground zero—once again faced with more unprecedented challenges. I assure you, we will make it through again.  

If one thing has become even more apparent, it’s that Canadians need more support and resources than ever to address their mental health and addiction needs.  And our current healthcare system is woefully unable to meet the needs of residents across the country.

It’s why, in addition to the treatment we provide across the country, we also work to advocate on behalf of all Canadians for better mental healthcare options for everyone.

And while we aren’t ones for New Year’s resolutions, I can say that in 2022 and beyond we are committed to helping Canadians get mental healthcare that is affordable or paid for through government or employers; accessible, without months- or years-long waitlists; and excellent, using the best-available research and treatment options combined with continuous outcomes measurement.

Together, we will get there.

All the best for a healthy and safe 2022 from everyone at EHN Canada.

Joe Manget,
Chief Executive Officer, EHN Canada

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