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Woman hiding an addiction
Five Questions to Ask About Addiction

Some people are good at hiding their addiction from the world, and…

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woman practicing the seven pillars of mindfulness
Using Mindfulness Principles on Your Recovery Journey

What is mindfulness? Being mindful is the practice of being aware of…

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man playing violin for therapy
The Sound of Music

By Jeff Vircoe Edgewood is using music therapy to help patients in…

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Dr. Ian King
Both Doctor and Patient

By Jeff Vircoe; Photo Credit Melissa Fabrizio Dr. Ian King, a new…

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Man experiencing PTSD
Surviving Battle and PSTD

By Jeff Vircoe Edgewood alum and military veteran Jon Donovan shares his…

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Woman looking outside feeling symptoms relating to anorexia
What Is Anorexia?

Anorexia nervosa is a mental health disorder that is characterized by extreme…

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Woman browsing on laptop about alcohol addiction
Is Alcohol Addiction Hiding in Plain Sight?

Alcohol addiction hides in plain sight in both families and across all…

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Woman surrounded by nature as part of treatment
Nature and Recovery

“Get some fresh air. You’ll feel better,” we often hear. Is there…

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Used paintbrushes for art therapy as a treatment for addiction and mental health disorder
State of the Art Therapy

By Jeff Vircoe At EHN Canada’s Edgewood facility, our innovative Art Therapy…

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Man with a beanie looking straight into the camera after drinking
What is Binge Drinking?

When does having a few drinks with friends turn into binge drinking?…

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Girl soul searching for her goals, at the hilltop looking at the sunset
To Resolution or Not To Resolution?

Woman standing on hilltop looking at sunset

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spending holidays in an addiction treatment centre
A Different Home for the Holidays

Get the full holiday experience when you seek addiction or mental health…

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