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no to drinks
14 Ways to Quit Drinking and Live a Healthier Life

Understanding how to quit drinking alcohol is the first step on your…

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The Effects of Alcohol Addiction and How to Get Help

Exploring the negative effects of alcohol addiction and the rehab treatments available…

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The Right Tools for the Best Online Treatment

There are plenty of online recovery programs offerings out there. But when…

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How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Alberta’s
How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Alberta’s opioid crisis

Did You Know that Canada experienced a 70% increase in opioid-related deaths…

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Woman working at home while child is there
Women and Burnout in the Workplace

Today, women make up over 50% of Canada’s workforce.2 Though we have…

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Stay-at-Work vs Return-to-Work?

When it comes to their careers and seeking treatment for mental health…

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Two storey brick building with white wheelchair ramp, ten windows, and concrete steps set against a cloudy sky.
What to expect when you arrive for your first day of inpatient…

This article was written during the COVID-19 pandemic and makes reference to…

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Two People Talking About Teen Mental Health
Teen depression: 10 ways parents can help

Teenage depression is more common than many realize, and the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Group therapy at a treatment facility
Getting the Most Out of Addiction Treatment: Length of Stay Matters

One in five Canadians aged 15 years and older will experience drug…

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Man staring at alcohol drink
Is Your Drinking Becoming A Problem? These 5 Steps Could Help

Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused substance in Canada. With…

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Woman resting shoulder on man
Looking Back, Moving Forward

Notes on a noteworthy year from Joe Manget, Chief Executive Officer, EHN…

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Anthony Hopkins
Debunking the Link Between Alcohol and Your Creativity

Perhaps one of the most persistent myths about alcohol is the idea…

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