Webinar: Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Crisis Survival Skills

Today we are here to talk about facing the challenges that come with managing a pandemic. We are in a situation right now that probably none of us have prepared for and it’s very overwhelming, a lot of these challenges that we’re facing. I’m here to help you understand some tools that we can use to help manage the stress associated with these challenges we are facing today. As I said in the introduction, mindfulness can be an amazing strategy to help us in understanding and managing the stress that we’re facing. 

Help Family Members With Addiction: 5 Stages of Change

helping family member with addiction

So, you have a family member with an addiction problem, but you don’t know how to help them? Especially now, self-isolation and physical distancing is causing tensions to run high among family members who live together. This makes it even more difficult than usual to start a constructive conversation about a family member’s addiction. 

This article will teach you effective ways of communicating constructively to help your loved one make progress towards recovery. The Five Stages of Change is a useful psychological model which describes the stages that people go through from unacknowledged addiction to stable recovery. Understanding the Five Stages of Change will help you recognize the current stage in which your loved one is, allowing you to help them in the ways that are most effective for that particular stage.

10 Ways to Get Unstuck From Unhealthy Patterns

Long before I was willing to get sober, a counsellor mentioned the possibility of my being addicted to “anything they make two or more of,” which I naturally disputed. However, once I came to grips with the depths of my addiction, I certainly recognized this to be true. Of course, I needed some two years of further destruction to reach that level of acceptance. Now, with several years of sobriety, it’s quite clear my problem was never just a substance use or process disorder.  

Webinar: Managing Stress and Emotions During Challenging Times

Today we’re gonna talk about managing stress and emotions. So, what I don’t want is for you to be experiencing any stress on this webinar. So I’d like you to sit back, relax, take it all in if you’ve got some chaos going on behind you, people running around, asking for snacks and you can’t figure out how to heat up your coffee without making noise on the microwave. Don’t worry about any of those things. Just do what you got to do. Let it all happen.

10 Things You Learn in Treatment That Are Useful During a Pandemic

10 Things You Learn in Treatment That Are Useful During a Pandemic

While trying to find the end of the internet and eating my feelings recently, the meme to the right popped up. First of all, it made me laugh. (You can follow @sobergrind on Instagram for more sobriety-oriented comic relief .)  Then, I started to reflect on what my time in treatment was like. There were so many new rules! At the time, I was quite convinced the staff at Edgewood had designed the perfect system to torture me.