Drug and Prescription Medication Addiction

Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment

Overcoming an addiction to drugs and prescription medication may seem daunting. This is why our multidisciplinary team of experts craft individualized journeys to recovery for every one of our patients, plus ongoing support for life.

Our inpatient facilities offer safe, medical withdrawal from drugs, plus a treatment team of doctors, counsellors, nurses, psychiatrists, and chaplains. Programs lengths start at seven weeks, but can be extended for as long as needed. Through a variety of addiction education and counselling sessions, patients gain insight into their unique issues, and develop the new skills and abilities necessary to continue on their journey of recovery.

In our outpatient clinics, drug treatment is offered in the form of individual, family, psycho-educational process groups and group therapy. Our Intensive Outpatient program allows clients, where appropriate, to participate in top-tier treatment without staying at a residential facility.

Establishing a home support system is the final piece of the puzzle. To support patients through the first years of recovery, we offer Continuing Care programs: group therapy sessions that can be accessed online or at any EHN location.

82% of Marijuana/Prescription Drug and 62% of Cocaine/heroin/polydrug clients were in high recovery after 6 months.

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