Gateway Recovery Centre

Gateway Recovery Centre is designed to respond specifically to the mental health and addiction needs of military, veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers.

Whether you’re on call, on the night shift, or on tour, you’ve come face to face with experiences that many other people simply cannot understand. And as a result, you may be experiencing trauma, substance abuse, and other concerns unique to your industry.

When you spend your life serving and protecting others, your own wellbeing can come second-place. That’s why EHN Canada has created a facility that is dedicated specifically to your treatment and recovery. At Gateway, your care is our priority.

EHN Gateway Outdoor Facilities

Designed Exclusively For You

Discover A Shared Understanding

Gateway Recovery Centre is a community of staff and patients built on empathy. Sometimes those who share your line of work are the best positioned to know what you go through every day. Our facility gives you the unique opportunity to share your experiences in an environment of understanding and compassion.

An expert team to support you

Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists, counsellors, and coaches understand where you’re coming from. They are all extensively trained and experienced to help you on your path to recovery. Together, they are dedicated to helping you learn and implement skills to overcome addiction and mental health disorders.

Explore Our Programs

Every EHN Canada facility employs our evidence-based treatments designed for long-term results. And Gateway Recovery Centre is no different, with treatment offerings including:

CORE Addiction and Mental Health

Treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders that addresses any underlying mental health concerns

Trauma Recovery Programs

Treatment for Operational Stress Injuries and PTSD, with or without concurrent substance use disorder


To maintain the skills and healthy habits learned in residential treatment.

Family Program

To help loved ones understand and heal together.