Gateway Recovery Centre

Trauma & Psychological Injury Program

Are you a military service member, veteran, or first responder in need of inpatient trauma treatment? Once you step through Gateway Recovery Centre’s doors, you’re welcomed into a community of like-minded individuals who can help you heal from past trauma, PTSD, or other operational stress injuries.  In this program, you’ll be joined by a team of dedicated professionals and fellow service members who understand your experience. We have built a team of passionate and experienced doctors, nurses, and counsellors to help support you along the way

Our exclusive facility in peaceful Peterborough (near Toronto, Ontario) caters only to the needs of military, veteran, and first responder communities.

If you also struggle with addiction, our Concurrent Trauma & Addiction Program may be a better fit for you.

Program Info

Our rehabilitation facility created exclusively for military members, veterans and first responders offers evidence-based treatment led by clinicians who specialize in trauma.


  • Location: Peterborough, ON
  • Category: Inpatient
  • Length: 7 weeks

Our Approach to Trauma Treatment

At our inpatient treatment centre near Toronto, you’ll learn the lifelong skills needed to manage trauma and PTSD via our evidence-based approach:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to encourage helpful and healthy thought patterns.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) to manage emotions and relationships, practice mindfulness, and remain centred during crises.
  • Individual psychotherapy to provide a safe space to discuss personal recovery concerns, deepen trauma healing, and develop treatment goals.
  • Group therapy to provide opportunities for peer support and professionally guided emotional processing.
  • Psychoeducational sessions to help you understand yourself and embedded trauma patterns.
  • Recreation therapy, including mindfulness, yoga, and physical exercise, for establishing a healthy leisure lifestyle that supports recovery.

A Day at Gateway Recovery Centre

Everyone’s story is different, so every recovery journey will look different as well. Come prepared to work on yourself in the most supportive environment available. Here is a sample of what your day of treatment might involve in our Trauma and Psychological Injury Program at Gateway.


Before attending a session about managing guilt or boundaries, you’ll kick off the day with a healthy, chef-prepared breakfast. Then you’ll set your intentions with self-reflection. Afterwards, you’ll get moving with a workout.



After a delicious, nutritionist-planned lunch, you’ll participate in a lecture that explains how the mind-body connection affects trauma recovery. Then you’ll attend a one-on-one counselling session to learn how to cope with your triggers.



In the evening, you’ll participate in specialized, trauma-centred peer support groups focused on symptoms management, emotional processing, or returning to work. After some mindfulness, you’ll enjoy dinner with fellow first responders, active and former military members, and frontline healthcare workers.

This is Gateway Recovery Centre

Gateway Recovery Centre is located in peaceful Peterborough, Ontario, about an hour and a half outside of Toronto. It offers the serene setting needed for patients to focus on their recovery. Here, they will meet other military service members, veterans, and first responders with shared experiences and get treatment from our compassionate, professional team. And they will also get to experience the calm they need to focus on themselves, far away from often hectic worlds of their workplaces.

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Sometimes, drugs and alcohol are used as a coping mechanism to deal with past trauma, and we can help there, too. EHN Canada offers a number of recovery programs – both online and in-person in Peterborough and our other facilities across the country.