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Ledgehill Treatment Centre


Ledgehill Treatment Centre

Picturesque rehab in Lawrencetown, Annapolis Valley, NS

Set in tranquil Nova Scotia, Ledgehill’s facility supports addiction recovery in a space that feels safe, home-like and welcoming.

Facility Features

A comfortable and safe space in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, to start your recovery

Homey bedrooms

Make your recovery journey as comfortable as possible at Ledgehill

Homestyle Meals

Nourish your recovery with delicious, nutritious meals made with local ingredients

Inviting common spaces

Space to share, grow, and build lasting friendships

Serene surroundings

Find peace, tranquillity, and the space you need to heal

Exercise your body and mind

Access to both on-site and off-site gyms and local trails and paths

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Programs at Ledgehill Recovery Centre

Mental health and addiction touches the lives of many Canadians. By providing individualized, evidence-based, and outcomes-focused treatment at Ledgehill, we can improve the negative effects of the mental health and addiction crisis.

Evidence-based practices are interventions with consistent scientific evidence showing that they improve patient outcomes. In other words, evidence-based practices come to be following several randomized clinical trials comparing the practice under investigation to alternative practices and/or to the current standard of care.

And since concurrent disorders often affect and exacerbate each other, addressing them together often results in better outcomes for patients.

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