Hybrid Addiction Program

Return-to-Wellness, a Hybrid Approach to Addiction Treatment

This cost-effective treatment program from EHN Canada focuses on providing you with the intensive support you need, without having to commit to longer-term inpatient care. Our hybrid approach starts with a two-week stay at most of our residential facilities across the country, including our EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia facility in Lawrencetown, NS, with the option of a medically supervised detox if required. It is followed by EHN Online’s Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program, a flexible and virtual approach that provides the same evidence-based treatment provided across the EHN Canada network.

Program Information


  • Stabilization at an inpatient facility
  • Flexible scheduling

  • Location: Lawrencetown, NS
  • Category: Hybrid
    Length: 2 weeks inpatient + 8 weeks virtual treatment + 12 months Aftercare

Sober living with family- a mother and two kids

A Flexible Approach to Treatment that Works

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs are a unique new option for those struggling with mental health disorders or addiction. They are ideal for those who do not need or simply cannot commit to inpatient treatment due to family or work obligations. However, for some individuals additional support is required, which is why we now offer a hybrid approach that includes two weeks of stabilization in our EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia facility.

Sober living

An Overview of This Treatment Program

  • Initial 2-week stabilization at EHN Bellwood Nova Scotia
  • Medically supervised detox, if required
  • Virtual treatment from the comfort of your own home with EHN Online’s Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Access to Wagon app with specialized content based on symptoms
  • Evidence-based treatment administered by mental health and addiction specialists
  • 12 months of Aftercare
  • Optional family program to develop understanding and support
Woman using IOP app for mental health and treatment

Why Choose Our Return-to-Wellness Program?

Unlike other outpatient rehab programs, this program provides individuals with the stabilization required to benefit from the virtual component. Additionally, our full-year Intensive Outpatient Program includes individual counselling, group therapy, psychoeducation, family programming, and use of our corresponding Wagon app.

  • More convenient and affordable
  • Medically supervised detox at any of our residential facilities across Canada
  • Rolling intake can often mean immediate admission
  • Treatment from a team of professionals with both lived experience and formal training in Substance Use Disorder and related therapy
  • Regular outcome measurement to track progress
  • Weekly Aftercare groups to maintain healthy habits
  • Ongoing support in a safe and non-judgmental space
  • Develop skills to identify triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviours and to cope with urges to use substances
  • Optional educational programs for deeper healing in families

How the Program Works

Combining a short inpatient stay followed by a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program, this flexible program is offered during the daytime, evenings, and weekends. The program curriculum is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as a variety of skills and practices to help improve your life. It may be an effective option if you cannot step away from family or work obligations for a long period of time. Our Return-to-Wellness Hybrid Program includes:


Two weeks of stabilization at an inpatient facility, which includes full inpatient programming with intensive individual and group treatment, 24/7 nursing care, and medical management including psychiatric consultation.


Eight weeks of intensive programming including nine hours of individual counselling, group therapy, skills development, and psychoeducation treatment per week.


Twelve months of Aftercare following the intensive programming. Meet with a group once a week to maintain positive habits and practice skills.

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