Addiction and Mental Health Program

Addiction and mental health struggles often come hand-in-hand. That’s why at Ledgehill Treatment Centre, we take a concurrent and holistic approach to addiction treatment. And only here can you find the space and tranquillity you need to recover, while still remaining close to home.

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  • Location: Lawrencetown, NS
  • Category: Inpatient

  • Length: Length varies
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Treatment from our passionate team

Ledgehill offers the evidence-based treatment that the EHN Canada network prides itself in, while providing unique spaces for patients to minimize distractions and find comfort in recovering alongside patients with similar experiences.

At Ledgehill, our professional and compassionate team, including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, and kitchen staff are all here to offer a space that is comfortable and safe. And since Ledgehill is staffed with experts from the area, they can better understand you and where you’re coming from.

This program offers:

  • Individual and group counselling by registered therapists
  • Doctors on-call 24/7
  • Nursing staff on-call 24/7
  • Science-backed therapy modalities
  • Detox support
  • Medication assistance when needed

Ledgehill’s Core Addiction and Mental Health Program uses an evidence-based approach for treating alcohol and other substance use disorders, while also addressing concurrent mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

We use a variety of therapies to help individuals develop more constructive thoughts and behaviours, including Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

And for patients who require detox, we use medication assisted treatment (MAT) to minimize withdrawal symptoms and help detox as safely, comfortably, and quickly as possible. Each patient’s treatment begins with an intensive onsite diagnostic assessment that includes medication evaluation and management.

A Day at Ledgehill

Recovery takes commitment and structure. That’s why every day at Ledgehill is carefully scheduled to provide individuals with the greatest opportunity for recovery. 



After starting your day with a healthy, delicious breakfast, you’ll attend an inspiring lecture from others in the recovery community. Your morning will wrap up with a therapy session.



You’ll heal from the inside out with an invigorating workout and nutritious lunch. Then you’ll spend your afternoon bonding with the other patients at Ledgehill and learning new skills for recovery.



Enjoy dinner in the dining room with your peers, and then explore the beautiful grounds of our facility in picturesque Lawrencetown. Before enjoying free time, you’ll receive specialized support by attending an AA and/or NA meeting.

This is Ledgehill

In serene Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Ledgehill provides the space our patients need to talk, share, and connect, without judgement. This sense of shared experience can often provide the added support and sense of community they need to recover long term.

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