Mental Health

Pride and Recovery Hand in Hand

A senior member of Edgewood’s clinical team is using his own harrowing story…

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Woman sitting at atable, typing on laptop while her toddler sits on her lap and eats a tangerine.
Recovery Without Leaving Work or Family?

Many people who know that they need help for substance use disorder…

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Seeking Treatment for PTSD: The Recovery Process

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is by definition a set of symptoms resulting from a…

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concurrent disorders
Ending the Vicious Cycle of Concurrent Disorders

By Yvette Brown What is Concurrent Disorder? Also known as co-occurring, comorbidity…

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woman practicing the seven pillars of mindfulness
Using Mindfulness Principles on Your Recovery Journey

What is mindfulness? Being mindful is the practice of being aware of…

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Man experiencing PTSD
Surviving Battle and PSTD

By Jeff Vircoe Edgewood alum and military veteran Jon Donovan shares his…

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Canadian flag patch on a military uniform
A Place for Canada’s Heroes to Heal

EHN Canada’s Atlantic Centre for Trauma is giving military service members and…

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Mental Illness Awareness week
Mental Illness Awareness Week – Starting the Conversation

With Mental Illness Awareness Week upon us from October 2nd – 8th,…

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What’s the link between alcohol use and depression
What’s the link between alcohol use and depression?

The relationship between depression and alcohol use disorder is well documented, but…

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A Guide to Mental Health Resources in Canada

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Do You Know Your Rights Around Addiction in the Workplace?
Do You Know Your Rights Around Addiction in the Workplace?

Hiding addiction is nothing new, yet it’s something that those who are…

Teen depression: 10 ways parents can help

Teenage depression is more common than many realize, and the COVID-19 pandemic…

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A Parent's Guide to Teenage Depression
The Parent’s Guide to Teenage Depression

Teenage years can be difficult. Adolescents are dealing with changes to their…

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12 Days of Holiday Mental Wellness Tips

The holidays are a time of joy, love, and family…and unfortunately for…

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man and woman consoling another man
How to Talk to Your Kids About Addiction

Did you know that about one in five Canadians will experience addiction…

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