Daughter pulling mother in green field
Mother, Leader, Healer

By Jeff Vircoe Edgewood’s Executive Director Carrie McVeigh sees a much higher purpose in her…

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woman looking at sunset
Living the life she wants to live

By Jeff Vircoe Find out how Edgewood alum Amber K. has used…

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Pride and Recovery Hand in Hand

A senior member of Edgewood’s clinical team is using his own harrowing story…

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Woman sitting at atable, typing on laptop while her toddler sits on her lap and eats a tangerine.
Recovery Without Leaving Work or Family?

Many people who know that they need help for substance use disorder…

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Flower growing through the cracks
Recovery Takes Resilience

By Jeff Vircoe; Resiliency is close to the heart of what is…

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The Icing On The Cake

At EHN Canada’s Edgewood facility in Nanaimo, B.C., alumni show that sometimes…

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Dr. Ian King
Both Doctor and Patient

By Jeff Vircoe; Photo Credit Melissa Fabrizio Dr. Ian King, a new…

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Three girls staying sober at the part while still having fun
How to Party (or Patio) in Recovery

From patio season to holiday party season , events with alcohol can…

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5 Ways to Show Your Support for Recovery Month
5 Ways to Show Your Support for Recovery Month

By Jeff Vircoe 1. Educate yourself. Look deep. With millions of Canadians…

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Addiction Blindspot
How Discovering My “Addiction Blindspot” Led Me to Healing

It is not uncommon for an individual with a substance use disorder…

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Young man exercising
How to Set and Prioritize Your Recovery Goals

The process of choosing an alcohol or drug rehab centre for yourself…

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happy man holding a camera
Do Social Media Influencers Help or Hinder Addiction Recovery?

If you spend any time on social media, you know that influencers…

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people celebrating in a table
Demonstrating Maritime Hospitality to guests in recovery

Summer in the Maritimes is a social and joyful time to laugh…

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happy woman writing in a notebook
Reclaim Happy Hour — 5 Ways to Make the Switch to Sober…

Remember happy hour? Before the pandemic, thousands of Calgarians would log off…

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man with hat in sunset
Incredible Recovery Stories from Female Celebrities

When we look at the lives of celebrities, we often see a…

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