Treatment Programs at Edgewood

Find recovery that lasts on Vancouver Island

All of Edgewood’s inpatient programs incorporate evidence-based treatments and leverage Edgewood’s vibrant and energetic patient community to promote healing.

We make recovery accessible by offering both outpatient and inpatient programs at our private rehab centre in Nanaimo. For patients who can safely and productively do the recovery work from home but need more than occasional therapy, an Intensive Outpatient Program may be the right option. For a more immersive, distraction-free environment, inpatient treatment may be more suitable.

We offer the following programs at Edgewood:

  • Addiction & Concurrent Mental Health Program
  • Indigenous Healing Program
  • Return-To-Wellness Program
  • Trauma & Psychological Injury Program
  • Concurrent Trauma and Addiction Program
  • Extended Care Program at Edgewood
  • Family Treatment Support