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Edgewood Treatment Centre

Core Addiction & Mental Health Program

Private inpatient drug and alcohol addiction rehab at Vancouver Island’s Edgewood Treatment Centre

When you turn to Edgewood for help with addiction treatment, you benefit from far more than just drug detox. You become part of a community dedicated to the success of your addiction recovery. Our addiction-certified medical team – including doctors, nurses, counsellors – provide the care and guidance you need to stop using substances for good. And you’ll get the accompanying mental health treatment, including depression and anxiety treatment, you need to recover. Through evidence-based treatment, you build the skills and habits needed to maintain your addiction recovery – for life.

Plus, your program peers offer empathy and encouragement, while your family learns how to support you on your lifelong journey.

Program Info

Treatment Program Features

  • Evidence-based treatment administered by addiction and mental health specialists
  • Holistic care including detox, therapy, education, and exercise
  • Includes a year of Aftercare and Alumni outreach

  • Location: Edgewood, Nanaimo, BC
  • Category: Inpatient
  • Length: 7 weeks
Group of people in group therapy

Edgewood’s approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment

Our private addiction treatment centre in Nanaimo, B.C. helps you build the foundation for lasting recovery through a variety of evidence-based treatments and addiction counselling techniques, including:

  • An abstinence-based approach, combined with medication assistance therapy if needed, for a substance-free life.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to assist in developing helpful thought patterns and healthy behaviours in recovery.
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) for developing the skills needed to manage emotions and relationships, practice mindfulness, and survive crises.
  • Music therapy, art therapy, and somatic therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy for an empathetic and safe space to discuss personal recovery concerns and develop mental health treatment goals.
  • Group therapy to provide opportunities for peer support and professionally guided emotional processing.
  • Psychoeducational sessions to help you understand yourself and the nature of addiction.
  • Mindfulness and physical exercise for creating healthy, lasting habits.
  • Relapse prevention groups to explore substance use patterns, identify relapse warning signs, and develop a long-term addiction recovery plan.

A Day at Edgewood Inpatient Centre

Every Edgewood journey is a holistic experience that comes with the support and guidance needed to empower your addiction recovery and healing. While every stay in Nanaimo is different, this is what a day at our Vancouver Island treatment centre might look like in our Core Addiction and Mental Health Program.


Upon waking up, you’ll have some free time to practice the recovery skills you’ve been working on. After enjoying a healthy, chef-prepared breakfast, you’ll take a walk on our verdant grounds, then set your intentions for the day. You’ll attend an inspiring lecture from others in the recovery community. Then, you’ll cap off the morning with one-on-one counselling or by participating in a self-assessment group, in which you’ll review your goals and progress with your counsellor and peers.



You’ll shift gears with a hearty lunch. Then, you’ll take a walk, visit our gym, or attend a group recreation class – like circuit training, yoga, or somatic movement. Next, you’ll participate in a skills group, in which you’ll practice DBT, boundary setting, and gratitude. Depending on where you are in your program, you may also work on relapse prevention skills. Afterwards, you’ll have time for peer interaction.



Dinner is a social affair at Edgewood. You’ll digest by taking an evening walk. Then, you’ll attend an AA, NA, or SMART Recovery meeting to receive empathy and support from others in the community.

About Edgewood

Part of the EHN Canada Network, Edgewood is the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre in B.C. and has been guiding addiction recovery through evidence-based treatments for over 30 years. Situated amidst the natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s east coast in Nanaimo, Edgewood provides the peace, support, and community you need to heal.

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