Extended Care Program at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo

Using evidence-based treatment to provide ongoing support for addiction recovery

Designed for patients who have completed inpatient treatment, EHN Edgewood Nanaimo’s Extended Care Program helps establish a strong foundation for recovery. Patients implement newly acquired recovery tools and thereby increase self-responsibility and accountability in their lives. The program is a bridge between inpatient and supported recovery living or independent living.

Extended Care Program patients engage in local recovery community activities; attending a minimum of five self-help meetings weekly, AA, NA, MA, CA, Smart Recovery or Recovery Dharma. They will acquire a home group and temporary sponsor or mentor, call peers in recovery for fellowship and secure rides to local meetings and accessing online meetings cultivating connection and community.

Patients continue their treatment under the medical and psychiatric care of the EHN Edgewood Nanaimo Medical Director. Clinical care is provided by the Extended Care counsellors and support staff under the supervision of the Extended Care Supervisor and Clinical Director.

Program Info

Treatment Program Features

  • Additional support after finishing inpatient treatment at any EHN Canada facility

  • Location: Nanaimo, BC
  • Category: Inpatient

  • Length: Varies, Minimum 1 month

Who Is Eligible for the Extended Care Program?

In order to be eligible for extended care, you must have completed an accredited inpatient program within the last year, be at least 30 days sober from substances and be able to spend at least one month in the program. A short stabilization period in the inpatient program at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo may be requested prior to admission into Extended Care.

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Our Approach to Extended Care at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo

Our Extended Care Program utilizes psychoeducational approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectic Behavioural Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy with written assignments, preparation and adherence to daily planning guides, group therapy, and various other structured activities to form the basis of the program. 

Of equal importance is the opportunity for patients to integrate their recovery with family, community, career and education on a practical, day-to-day basis. Though adherence to program structure is emphasized, Extended Care is an individualized program that recognizes the particular needs of each individual. 

Patients work one-on-one with a designated counsellor each week to collaborate on common goals and objectives including discharge planning and continuing care post treatment. Emphasis is placed on; emotional regulation, relapse prevention, self-esteem, communication skills, anger management, codependency, impacts of trauma, relationship and family issues. 

There may be patients who require support in the process of making significant changes; geographic relocation to further their recovery, begin a new career, continue or complete their education or navigate a separation or divorce. Weekly planning and budgeting are also offered. Learning to ask for help—in all aspects of their lives—is a primary goal for people in recovery.  Often patients will also work on reconciling their relationship with family while in Extended Care.

Here’s what to expect while spending time at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo in our Extended Care Program for addiction recovery and mental health treatment:

  • 5+ group sessions, including psychoeducation and process groups, each week.
  • 4+ hours of self help groups each week.
  • 2+ hours of volunteer work each week.
  • Regular one-on-one counselling sessions.
  • Regular group recreational activities.
  • Life skills, DBT and CBT skills, and interpersonal skills development and relapse prevention.
  • Home/community visits, when applicable and recommended.
  • As needed, access to one specialty group per week, such as support for sexual addiction, gambling, disordered eating, or healthcare professionals.

About the facility

Located in close proximity to EHN Edgewood Nanaimo, EHN Guardians Nanaimo houses comfortable double occupancy rooms in a small cohort of 14- 18. Self-responsibility and accountability are encouraged. Extended Care Program patients are required to maintain cleanliness and order in their rooms while monitored daily by peers and support staff.

An EHN Canada facility, EHN Edgewood Nanaimo has an over three-decade history of pioneering evidence-based treatments in B.C. Our location amongst the natural beauty of Vancouver Island’s east coast is an ideal atmosphere, providing the peace, support, and community required to heal and recover.

A Day at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo

Every recovery journey at EHN Edgewood Nanaimo takes a holistic approach that provides the support and guidance needed to heal and grow. While no two experiences are the same, this is how a typical day at our Nanaimo, B.C. treatment centre may look.



Your day begins with a nutritious, freshly-prepared breakfast and an inspiring lecture from others in the recovery community. You’ll cap off the morning with self-guided or group therapy, in which you’ll practice skills like DBT and CBT.



After refueling with lunch, you’ll get moving with a walk or gym visit. You’ll spend the rest of the afternoon learning new therapeutic treatments from licensed counsellors and bonding with peers who understand your journey.



You’ll wind down with fellow patients over dinner. Your day will end with specialized support geared towards your own individual journey. This can include a 12-step recovery group, such as AA, NA, SMART or Recovery Dharma. These groups will help support your post-treatment recovery plan.

After completing the program

Patients will leave the program with the necessary skills to abstain from mood-altering substances and processes. They cultivate a reasonable confidence in their ability to follow the important Continuing Care Plan, and the belief that they can lead a productive, healthy and happy life.