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Bellwood Health Services

Core Addiction & Mental Health Program

At Bellwood Health Services: EHN Canada’s Toronto Addiction Treatment Centre.

Addiction can affect anyone, and everyone deserves a strong program that addresses not only the physical dependence, but the underlying mental health concerns that contribute to addiction in the first place. No program in the country addresses both addiction and mental health as well as ours. Our highly skilled staff members offer evidence-based treatment for mental health and addiction issues including substance abuse, behavioural addictions, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, and eating disorders. Our interprofessional team is committed to providing the highest standard of care and includes physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, dieticians, physical health staff, and support staff. And because family support is critical to sustained recovery, when you come to Bellwood for treatment, your loved ones receive the education they need to encourage your progress and support their own recovery. 

Program Info
  • Evidence-based treatment administered by addiction and mental health specialists
  • Holistic care including detox, therapy, education, and exercise
  • Includes a year of aftercare for eligible patients

  • Bellwood Health Services, Toronto
  • Inpatient
  • 7 weeks
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Our Approach to Treating Addiction

Our Approach to Treating Addiction

The Bellwood integrative model of care is grounded in trauma-informed and patient-centred practices that incorporate various therapeutic techniques, including:

  • An abstinence-based approach, combined with medication assistance therapy if needed, for a substance-free life.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to assist in developing helpful thought patterns and healthy behaviours in recovery.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) for developing the skills needed to manage emotions and relationships, practice mindfulness, and survive crises.
  • Art therapy to facilitate self-exploration and understand thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to express.
  • Individual psychotherapy for an empathetic and safe space to discuss personal recovery concerns and develop treatment goals.
  • Group therapy to provide opportunities for peer support and professionally guided emotional processing.
  • Psychoeducational sessions to help you understand yourself and the nature of addiction.
  • Mindfulness and physical exercise for creating healthy, lasting habits.
  • Relapse prevention groups to explore substance use patterns, identify relapse warning signs, and develop a long-term recovery plan.

A Day at Bellwood, Edgewood Health Network’s Home in Toronto

Our medical experts carefully design every aspect of the Bellwood experience to provide patients with the greatest opportunity for recovery. This is what a day at Bellwood might look like in our Core Addiction and Mental Health Program.

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After starting your day with a healthy, chef-prepared breakfast, you’ll set your intentions with some self reflection. Then, you’ll heal from the inside out with an invigorating workout. Afterwards, you’ll attend an educational session about substance use disorders, DBT, or CBT, or immerse yourself in art therapy.
Fork, plate and knife
You’ll shift gears with a nutritionist-planned lunch. Then, you’ll attend a one-on-one therapy session or a workshop where you will develop your distress tolerance skills.
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In the evening you’ll participate in any of a number of peer support sessions, such as interpersonal process group, SMART recovery, or fellowship. After some more physical recreation, you’ll enjoy dinner with fellow patients.
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About Bellwood

Part of EHN Canada, Bellwood Health Services is Toronto’s premier addiction treatment centre and has been guiding recoveries for nearly 40 years. Our founder, Dr. Gordon Bell, was a pioneer and innovator in addiction treatment in Canada, and we continue his tradition of innovation and excellence. We are a licensed, private hospital and are proud to be affiliated with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Sunnybrook Hospital, and the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry. Nestled amidst lush Sunnybrook Park, our centre’s tranquil location provides an ideal environment for healing.

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