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Inpatient Addiction Rehab Treatment Program for Healthcare Workers at EHN Bellwood Toronto

It can be challenging to accept assistance with mental health struggles when your life revolves around caring for others. When you turn to EHN Bellwood Toronto for help overcoming substance use, you will access to unique programming is designed for healthcare professionals, addressing their distinct needs. As a licensed hospital, EHN Bellwood Toronto is dedicated to providing patients with evidence-based treatment. Our support program equips you with the skills and coping strategies you need to get back to work safely and successfully.

*This offering isn’t available as a standalone treatment program, but intended for healthcare professionals already enrolled in our inpatient Addiction and Mental Health Program.

Program Info


  • Evidence-based treatment administered by top medical experts at a licensed hospital
  • Learn strategies for returning to work
  • Access to aftercare for lasting recovery

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Category: Inpatient

  • Length: 7 weeks
sad female nurse at hospital corridor

Our Approach to Helping Healthcare Professionals

EHN Bellwood Toronto’s support for healthcare workers who are enrolled in our Addiction and Mental Health Program is grounded in patient-centred, trauma-informed practices that incorporate various therapeutic techniques and evidence-based treatments, including:

  • An abstinence-based approach, combined with medication assistance therapy if needed, for a substance-free life.
  • Integration of self-help recovery groups, including SMART and 12-step models, to help you build the practices, principles, and social networks you need to recover.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for developing helpful thought patterns and healthy behaviours.
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) to manage emotions and relationships, practice mindfulness, and overcome crises.
  • Art therapy for understanding thoughts and feelings that may otherwise be difficult to express.
  • Individual counselling for an empathetic and safe space to discuss personal recovery concerns and develop treatment goals.
  • Group therapy for peer support and professionally guided emotional processing.
  • Psychoeducation to understand the nature of addiction.
  • Mindfulness and physical exercise for creating healthy, lasting habits.
  • Relapse prevention groups for identifying relapse warning signs and developing strategies to support long-term recovery.

EHN Bellwood Toronto’s Inpatient Treatment Produces the Best Results

When an inpatient program provide a more immersive environment, around-the-clock support, access to medical professionals, and a more comprehensive level of treatment, it often betters patients’ chances of recovery.

Known as one of the best inpatient facilities in Ontario, EHN Bellwood Toronto is nestled within the city’s expansive Sunnybrook Park, surroundings well-suited for a peaceful recovery.

A longer inpatient treatment program produces better results than a shorter program. However, should your family, work, or life situation be more suited to a shorter or more flexible treatment program, EHN Canada does offer an Intensive Outpatient Program and a Hybrid Addiction Treatment as well.

A typical day at EHN Bellwood Toronto

At EHN Bellwood Toronto, every part of the patient experience is meticulously designed by our team of medical experts to promote the best chances at a successful recovery. Here’s what a typical day in EHN Bellwood Toronto’s Healthcare Professionals Support Program might look like.



You’ll start the morning with a nutritious, chef-prepared breakfast. After setting your intentions for the day, you’ll heal from the inside out with a workout in our gym or a hike on our surrounding trails. Afterwards, you’ll learn more about your addiction by attending an educational session about substance use disorders.



You’ll refuel with a healthy and delicious lunch. Then, you’ll attend a one-on-one therapy session or a workshop where you will work towards uncovering the root causes of your dependency.



In the evening you’ll participate in any of a number of peer support sessions, such as a Caduceus group or SMART recovery. You’ll end the day with more exercise and dinner with fellow healthcare patients.

About EHN Bellwood Toronto, Home to Our Healthcare Workers Program

EHN Bellwood Toronto is Canada’s premier substance use treatment centre and addiction rehab and has been guiding recoveries for nearly 40 years. We are a licensed, private hospital and are proud to be affiliated with Sunnybrook Hospital, the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry, and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Set amidst lush Sunnybrook Park, our facility’s tranquil setting provides an ideal atmosphere for healing.

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