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Canadian flag patch on a military uniform
A Place for Canada’s Heroes to Heal

EHN Canada’s Atlantic Centre for Trauma is giving military service members and…

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Russel Purdy addiction recovery story
From Rink to Ranch

Meet Russell Purdy, the one-time NHL-hopeful turned Executive Director of EHN Canada’s…

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two people wearing masks during Halloween party
Triggers and Strategies for a Halloween in Recovery

If you’re in recovery, going to a Halloween party this year doesn’t…

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man sitting and contemplating hard about his oxycodone addiction
Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse

Oxycodone has been making headlines for a few years, as more and…

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The cause of your addiction "I drink to Forget"
What’s Really Behind Your Addiction?

Discovering the root of alcohol or drug addiction can be the key…

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Cannabis Addiction- Effects, Withdrawal, Treatment
Cannabis Addiction: Effects, Withdrawal, Treatment

Cannabis addiction is a very common – and often neglected – problem…

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Alcohol Can Increase Cancer Risk
Alcohol Can Increase Cancer Risk

Alcohol consumption can cause a wide range of health problems, from short-term…

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Alcohol Addiction- 6 Steps to Self-Intervention
Alcohol Addiction: 6 Steps to Self-Intervention

If you’ve been struggling with addiction to alcohol, you may not know…

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The risk, symptoms, treatments and prevention of Alcohol Poisoning
What Is Alcohol Poisoning? – Risks, Symptoms, Treatments & Prevention

After drinking seven beers and two shots of whiskey in about two…

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Gabapentin- Its Uses, Abuses and Addiction
Gabapentin: Its Uses, Abuses, and Addiction

What Is Gabapentin? Understanding Its Use Gabapentin is an analog of the…

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Mental Illness Awareness week
Mental Illness Awareness Week – Starting the Conversation

With Mental Illness Awareness Week upon us from October 2nd – 8th,…

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Is alcohol a depressant or stimulant?
Is Alcohol a Stimulant or a Depressant?

What Is Alcohol? Alcohol is the intoxicating ingredient in liquor, beer, and…

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