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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Notes on a noteworthy year from Joe Manget, Chief Executive Officer, EHN…

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Anthony Hopkins
Debunking the Link Between Alcohol and Your Creativity

Perhaps one of the most persistent myths about alcohol is the idea…

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3 Women Enjoying A Drink
How Addiction Impacts Your Sex Life

The #WineMom and #WineOClock memes are held up as the type of…

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Addiction Blindspot
How Discovering My “Addiction Blindspot” Led Me to Healing

It is not uncommon for an individual with a substance use disorder…

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People Enjoying Festival Holidays
Showing Your Maritime Hospitality Over the Holidays

As Maritimers, we’re known for rolling out the welcome wagon during the…

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3 Women At Work Function
8 Ways You Can Navigate Holiday Work Functions

Let’s face it. Holiday parties can be an absolute minefield for someone…

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Diet and the Liver
Diet and the Liver: 29 Best Foods to Protect Against Liver Disease…

Your liver does a great deal for your body. It detoxifies many…

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Woman drinking coffee on christmas night
The Gifts of Recovery

What do you get when you stop drinking? Just in time for…

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Blonde woman with rose forearm tattoo sitting at wooden desk with lamp in private bedroom writing in journal
The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Your Loved One

What is inpatient treatment? Inpatient treatment is an evidence-based approach to recovery…

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A Parent's Guide to Teenage Depression
The Parent’s Guide to Teenage Depression

Teenage years can be difficult. Adolescents are dealing with changes to their…

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man with eyes in the dark
The Link Between Sexual Trauma and Addiction

Content warning: This story discusses sexual abuse, sexual violence, incest, trauma, self-harm,…

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woman drinking at the table with son
Wine Not? Is the Women and Wine Connection Causing Inadvertent Harm?

As wine mom memes have exploded across social media, high-risk drinking among…

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